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Here’s What We Provide

Donating Blood
Credit Card
Organizing Test Tubes

Home Blood Draw

We'll come to you at a time that's convenient for you.

No lines, no waiting rooms, complete privacy!

Price is Per Draw

Pay by Debit, Credit, Venmo, Cash

Customized Lab Order

Order and pay for tests yourself Online. No doctor's visit required.


Results are sent directly to the patient.


Draw fee+cost of tests / Draw

(Additional $fee if you would like us to place the lab order for you)

How It Works

1. Send us your lab order

Fax, email or we can call your doctor to request it on your behalf.

2. We'll review the order

We'll look for any test preparation and request additional info if needed.

3. Schedule your appointment

Someone will call you to schedule your  blood draw.

4. Collect & Deliver sample

After we collect your sample we'll take it straight to the lab of your choice.

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